All Recovery, All the Time!

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Sober Chat Mission

Sober Chat mission is to provide a powerful tool for individuals in all forms of recovery to help them stay clean and sober. All recovery, all the time!

We believe that addiction is addiction and recovery is recovery. Through the ever increasing importance of social media, Sober Chat will put addicts/alcoholics of all varieties (alcohol, gambling, drugs, food, sex etc.) instantly in touch with one another via their smart phones or mobile devices. Additionally, if in the same vicinity, it will leave open the possibility for face-to-face meetings.

We have envisioned “flash meetings” taking place in a number of different venues such as concerts, sporting events and airports all over the world. Sober Chat will connect these people. Remember it only takes two people to make a meeting!!

Sober Chat is not a replacement for attending 12 step meetings, sponsorship or working the 12 steps. Rather, another tool for those in recovery.

Sober Chat will revitalize and revolutionize 12 stepping, as we know it. At any time of the day or night, you can simply log-on and help someone by making phone contact, taking someone to a meeting, meeting for coffee or chat via text messaging on the Sober Chat mobile application.

The power of sharing is at your fingertips. Sober Chat--All Recovery, All the Time.